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Why Free Coaching Doesn’t Work


This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Julie.

I have a coaching client who’s been working with me privately. She’s changing jobs, and her new employer wants to give her free coaching as one of her signing bonuses. Basically, her new employer will pay my coaching fee to coach her going forward.

Then I realized—is that okay? If someone pays for a person’s coaching, doesn’t that diminish their level of commitment? Since they’re not paying for the coaching directly themselves, is it like they’re not fully investing in themselves?

Yeah, I would agree with that.

When a person doesn’t experience paying for the coaching they receive, they tend not to have a high level of commitment.

People need to have skin in the game to be invested. It’s called “vested interest.”

People do much better when they pay for coaching themselves and they’re consciously aware that they’re doing something to improve themselves. They take it more seriously. They listen to what the coach tells them. They treat it more seriously than someone who got it for free or didn’t pay anything.

Paying for coaching is a big, big thing. It can completely change a person’s life.

This is like the difference between someone who listens to all the free stuff on the internet…versus someone who pays for coaching, which is a form of investing in yourself.

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