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Your Quantum Leap to Freedom


In You2, Price Pritchett tells the story of a fly’s frenzied attempt to leave a room, “burning out the last of its short life’s energies in a futile attempt to fly through the glass of a window pane.”

The fly’s strategy is to try harder, but it’s not working. And if the fly keeps at it, as it surely will, it will not survive.

“Ironically, the struggle is part of a trap,” Pritchett writes. “It is impossible for the fly to try hard enough to succeed at breaking through the glass. Nevertheless, this little insect has staked its life on reaching its goal through raw effort and determination.”

Sound familiar? I bet it does. If you’re like most people, when your business starts to slip or when you wish to become more prosperous, you work harder, believing that greater effort is the surest path to success.

No amount of effort will help the fly, however, which will die on the windowsill, while only steps away, a door stands open.

With only 10 seconds of flying ~ a fraction of the effort the fly is now wasting ~ the insect could be free. Its breakthrough possibility is right there.

Quit Trying Harder
Pritchett goes on to write that trying harder isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more, and sometimes, like with the fly, it can be your doom.

Here’s why: Sooner or later, you’re going to reach a point where you cannot try any harder. It may be that your spirit flags or your physical and mental resources are stretched to the limit. But often, well before that, you reach the point of diminishing returns.

Trying harder and harder starts producing less and less. In fact, sometimes intensifying your efforts produces nothing except bigger problems and 10 times more work. If you’re seeking a quantum leap, you’re not looking for 10 times more work. You’re looking for bigger gains. As I’ve said before, you need to work smarter, not harder.

And if you want to change your outcome, you have to change your approach to the outcome. You have to follow new patterns of thought and action.

That fly could have turned away from the window and followed the path of least resistance to the open door. Ten seconds of effortless flight would have produced total success. That’s a quantum leap to freedom.

An Exercise for Your Own Leap
I want you to start looking into your own business to find your quantum leap to freedom. Where have you been beating your wings against the glass? And where is that open door? The following exercise can help you discover both and get you thinking ~ and acting ~ in new ways.

Look into your business and everything that you’re doing and ask yourself, “How can I accomplish 10 times more and do less?” I’m serious. Ten times more. Do the exercise and see what happens.

When you come up with your ideas ~ and I want you to stay with this exercise until you come up with at least one idea ~ don’t get stuck on precisely how you’re going to put the ideas into place. In my business, we don’t worry about that. We know that once the idea shows up, the way to do it has to show up as well. And the result is that we accomplish in hours, days or weeks what takes others years to do.

By the way, these exercises I’ve been giving you and this whole You2 process is working on you. You may not yet realize the change that is occurring within your subconscious, but it is happening.

So stay engaged with me and take a good look at your business. See what could be done differently than it’s ever been done before.

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