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How Do I Figure Out My Burning Desire?

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This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Kevin.

How do I find my burning desire? I dabble in several different things and have many different interests. It seems like I could build a business around ten different things if I wanted to. But how do I figure out which one is the real burning desire?

For the longest time, I’ve felt like I wanted to coach people…but then I’ll start to question, “Is that really what I want?” So, I end up talking to myself out of it. Any suggestions?

You have to just do it. You just have to step into it and do it.

You won’t know if you love something or have a burning desire for it until you actually do it.

You won’t know if you love coaching people until you step into it and actually do it. How could you possibly know if it’s going to match your burning desire, unless you step into it and give it a try?

You won’t—because all you can do about something you’ve never done before is imagine what it might be like.

Imagination is good—that’s what we do as kids, and that’s how we find out what we’re here for, and what we’re supposed to do. But the fact that you’ve wanted to coach people for a long time tells me that you should take action on it.

Step into it. Give it your very best.
And if you don’t like it, then stop and do something else.

You won’t know any more than you know now, by holding the same position that you’re in right now.

By continually questioning whether or not something is hypothetically your burning desire, you’re just confusing yourself. You’re looking for something to change how you feel, and that’s not going to happen.

The only thing that will change how you feel is to proving to yourself that you can do it.

So, step into it and do it. You’re the only one who can make that decision.


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